Cracking The Wall

I made a site for “Cracking The Wall”, the Vampire: the Eternal Struggle Southwest Regional Qualifier. I used it to teach myself CSS, and I thought it turned out pretty good.

V:TES Explorer

Someday, I may finish this wonderful V:TES Explorer I got working on (and here is the blog for it). If nothing else, it taught me PHP.

V:tMR Mods

Way back in the day, I used this site to host Vampire: Redemption mods and tutorials. I was utterly taken with the idea behind a dungeon-master-based multiplayer 3rd person vampire game, and gave it my all… but alas, the game had little staying power, and proved at the end to be mostly a revealing exploration of what works and what doesn’t.

Toy Wars

I (and a wacky friend of mine) remade the first 5 minutes of Star Wars with action figures. We called it Toy Wars.

Battle Beasts

Battle Beasts still fascinate me. Not sure why.

X-Files Episode Guide

I made an X-Files Episode Guide back when I was working on the adventure game. It amuses me still.