Holy crap. I believe that the fact that I had several (TWO!) people directly refer to the game mentioned in the previous post is a testament to the power of RSS subscriptions. Nary a blog twitch goes by without the Digital Demons scrabbling forth to do their master’s vile bidding, eh wot?

Whatever. Point is:

  • – I’m in a “castle” in France
  • – I’m learning about game design, the Ubisoft-way
  • – Although I am technically ‘apart’ from my family, I’m still connected to the entire world through these weird wire(less) thingies, and thus can have whatever social contact I do so desire. (Ick! People!)

I gotta hand it to life. It’s failing to suck right now.

[ASIDE: That didn’t prevent me from getting my head all wrapped around the grumpy tree when I couldn’t convince my laptop to connect right the fuck now. Note to self: relax. /files note in round file.]

Where was I? RIGHT!! GemCraft chapter 0.

A while back (wow, a really long time ago now, actually), Kongregate added badges (as in, “wee don’t need no steenking batches“) to their game. GemCraft Zero has the best one:

This is the Game that Never Ends Badge (hard – 30 points)
Map 78 completed – “Endurance badge” does not even begin to describe this. Go outside. Please. Your family is worried about you. [Best so far: 48]

The “Best so far:” thing is my current progress. But… I should be more forthcoming, I suppose: it’s my current progress… this time.

See, I already beat this goddamn game, on Armor Games (which is the pit from whence this particular spawn, uh, spawned). I paid my goddamn dues. But now, year(s) later, I discover that the itch has not been scratched.

I want that goddamn badge, man.

So, a few weeks ago, I re-embarked on this gem-encrusted journey. It has not, so far, disappointed.

Look, man (or, woman, if you prefer) – it’s the best goddamn tower defense game to ever Flash an Indie, and it’s completely free. It offers more gameplay than many $60 games. If you haven’t played it, and you like blowing up endless waves of mindless creeps that saunter casually along your paved road so that your towers may pick them off at your pleasure, then quit messing around, okay? Okay. Good. Let’s not have this talk again.

(Oh, and friend me on Kongregate while you’re at it. You know who you are. Except, see, I don’t know who you are, so YOU have to friend ME. See how that works?)

I’m level 78. Neener neener neener.