I finally fixed the sidebar on this here website. Of yore.

See, here’s the thing. When you’re constructing a website, there’s a tendency to imitate what you have seen. That is, to try and put stuff on the site that your “customers” (that’s you) might find interesting, in a “trying to guess what people who come to this site might like” kind of a way.

This is, of course, completely fucked.

Because, see, it’s a website that’s all about me. If you’re reading this, it has nothing to do with you looking for something interesting to buy or link from or surf to or something. It’s because I amuse you. You’re looking at my Web Face, and if it gives you a chuckle every now and then, and maybe moves something around in your head once in a long while, maybe you’ll stick around.

So the sidebar: what you see is basically my quick link bar in my web browser.

I’m not putting it there for you, so don’t get all weird. See, this way, if I’m away from my desk and on someone else’s terminal (if, say, I were sneaking into your house to log onto your WoW account and send all your WoW gold to my character. I’m not naming any names, “Druid”.), well, lo! My link bar has followed me into that there terminal, hasn’t it?

This is the strange conversion that is creeping over me these days. I call it “the Google Effect”; I find myself wanting to put everything I have onto Google’s servers, so that I can get it from any terminal anywhere in the world. I know that Microsoft thinks this is dumb. That’s okay. They’re dumb. Neener.

I have this dream: over the next ten years, the personal computer will undergo a kind of devloution, shedding a whole bunch of stuff that has become largely extraneous. Like, Windows.

If Google gets their way, all I’ll need is a web browser, an input device, and a display of some kind, and I’ll be able to do everything. “Fuck those Microsoft guys,” I’ll say as I ride off into the happy sunset on my horse (Trigger), “what have they done for me lately?”

Nothing. That’s right, nothing.

That’s my dream. As I am 50% cynic, I have a healthy dose of skepticism that it will ever come to pass. But…

Boy, it almost seems possible…

[ p.s. This post gets the Most Random Change Of Topic Mid-Stream Ever award. ]