Tim Robbins (my hero, one of many) gave a keynote speech at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) conference day before yesterday. See, though, he was supposed to be being interviewed, but as you will hear, if you are foolish enough to click on the shiny link traps that the darklord offers you, things didn’t quite go the way they were planned. It seems the audience wanted to hear the speech that the organizers had vetoed, and, well, he’s Tim Robbins. (Here’s another (edited) link in case that one above goes down.)

It’s brilliant. He’s talking about the media, the history of broadcast, and our relationship to our audience as media makers. Also, he’s so fucking funny that it’s easy to forget that you’re listening to a goddamn rabble rouser. I’ll warn you: he says dirty words. Like “inspiration”, and “responsibility”. You know how he is. He likes irony.

I wish there was a real movie link up on YouTube. I will wait, vulture-like, perched on my limb, for my feast to present itself. It’s only a matter of time.

p.s. Turns out that the host of the “interview” in question was none other than David Bianculli, someone who anyone who listens to NPR will recognize as “that guy, yeah, he does the movie reviews!” David posted his version of events, which, while not quite as entertaining as the talk itself, is also wonderful.

p.p.s. It bears mentioning in this blog that the darklord found this particular piece of audio chattery deeply moving. I know, I know, a casual review of the darklord’s prior blog posts will no doubt reveal at least a dozen such uses of the word “moving”. I move a lot! What can I say. His bit at the end, the meat, the appeal, it really got me going. It’s good stuff. He’s right.