If you dig the Swordsman from Red Steel 2, I’ve got a (image-heavy) treat for ya.

One of the projects that our illustrious in-team marketing peeps have worked on over the course of Red Steel 2 (thanks, Olivier!!!) has been getting a statuette of the Swordsman put together.

He’s about 18″ tall.

I think it goes without saying that I’m jumping-up-and-down ecstatic about this model. Even so, I think I’ll go ahead and say it anyway: I just about lost my shit when I first saw this guy “in the flesh”. I’ve had models and ‘maquettes’ made for games I’ve worked on before, but nothing even approaching this level of awesome.

Your mileage may vary – not everyone thinks that big resin dollies are the coolest thing in the world. Me, though? I’m in the “yes, please, and lost more of that” camp.

Thanks again, guys. Outstanding job.