Here, for your perusal, rejection, and eventual acceptance, are two interesting post on my current favorite topic. (And by “favorite” I mean that which consumes 1 in 3 posts on this goddamn text experiment I call my semi-wheneverthefuckIfeellikeit webzine. You guessed it.)

First, a tale of woe from a World of Warcraft addict, who describes the depths of despair that drove him to (gasp) quit.

Now, as an addict myself, I feel obligated to chastise this person publicly, and tear apart his arguments with bitter invective, thus decreasing the impact of his message to my own person, and further rationalizing my own behavior.

Or, not. Here’s the other side of the coin. Or, if you prefer, the same side of another coin: a response from a person (who the gender noun used in some of the responses seem to indicate is a woman) who is still playing, and in the same guild as the above gentleman.

I gotta say: to me, this second article so completely describes how I feel about my own participation in this game that I… very much want my wife to read it.

Of course, the “life killing soulwrecking madness” from the first article in no way reflects on me. I can quit any time.

p.s. There was an interesting follow-up to the first post: it includes a brief disclaimer by the blog site owner (who is not the post author), along with reprints of the comments from the first post he found the most interesting. Worth scanning.