Sometimes you hit it off with people unexpectedly. Who knows why. This, right here, appears to be one of those times.

Bouncing around in Azeroth, I end up grouped with this fantastic rogue. He joined us as a replacement for a horrible rogue we ditched (I mean, come ON, we’re running Scholomance 5-man, there is no room to fuck around, people, and this guy was awful). Soon, this guy was doing more damage than I think the rest of us were doing combined. He knew when to sneak in and knock an NPC out, and when not to, without being instructed in the fine art of pull-itude… and he was a freakin’ comedian to boot.

Exactly my kind of gamer.

The funny thing about making a game friend is that there are two utterly unconnected relationships resolving themselves at the same time:

  1. The first is sheer personality: do you like the person, and can you hang out. That one’s familiar. We even do that in real life sometimes.
  2. The second one, though, is more secret. We’re playing a game, after all, and the main reason I’m going to want to hang out with you is if that furthers my gaming goals. That means that our play styles need to match as well.

Managing both at the same time is a little strange, and that’s what I want to talk about, just briefly. And then I’ll show you some pictures. I know how you are about that.

The crucial moment in any online gaming friendship is a moment that I call The Lull.

Here’s how it works: we’re gamin’ along, and we’re chattin’ along, and… inevitably we run out of witty things to chat about.

Now, we’re having a fine time playing, but… this strange silence…

We are after all humans, and so we start to wonder if the other guy is okay, or if they are bored or whatever. So… you try to ping them with something witty. But (as I mentioned) we’re all out of wit… so it’s kinda flat…

The Lull has struck.

How two people navigate The Lull is the most important dynamic in whether or not they will be able to hang together, eventually banding together to strike down the immortal enemies of all that is good and righteous, saving the world from certain destruction and slavitude. Turns out that the best friends you can make online are ones that you’re okay with not talking to.

[ Aside: That isn’t entirely untrue in the real world as well, but the situation is exacerbated online by the inability to see your companion. Perhaps, someday, we will have an Emotion Reader that will scan the emotion on my face and transfer it directly to my Avatar. Until then? Words. ]

Will my new-found rogue friend be one of those who stand the test of time? Will The Lull claim another victim??

Who fucking knows. When I told him I was a man in RL he said I was “creepy”. This made me laugh.

So, now the pictures.

Turns out that just about everyone looks great in a suit. My companion, however, is not entirely trusting of the screen shot process.

And, I’m a lot hotter than he is.

All the same, he’s a goddamn cut-up.

That’s all I have for you tonight. You’ll have to accept that for the cold, hard truth it is.