Let me just get this out of the way, before we get too far into this discussion.


(Well, actually, I and 39 of my online friends killed Ragnaros. But let’s not split hairs.)

I have been coming to the Molten Core for…


If the records on this topic are complete and accurate, it appears that I have been doing this one dungeon for over six months.

Whereas that concept might be enough for mere mortals to shrivel up and die in shame and humiliation, I, as a member of the gamerus superiorus, take that as a boast! A sign of glory! My chest swells with the bravery that I have shown in the face of my foes!

Lies, actually. I’m rather shaken by the notion. Strangely, though, my gamer side shrugs that off with no hesitation whatsoever. Six months? Feh.

So, as you may (or may not, gods willing) know, Ragnaros is the tenth (tenth!) and last boss you fight in Molten Core. He is the ultimate. The Big Cahuna. He is The Man.

He’s an extraordinary pain in the ass. Get this:

  1. He has an area-of-effect explosion that knocks anyone that does not have at least 200 fire resist back something like 100 feet (and waaaaaaaaaaay up in the air). (For those of you not pouring your life into digital distractions, 200 fire resist means you have a full set of armor that you have collected just for this purpose. Certainly doable, but also certainly not trivial.)
  2. If (this is the kicker) at any time he does not have someone actively beating on him in melee range (like 5′ away), he does this thing where he explodes flame into the entire chamber, and does like 6000 points of damage to everyone in it.

So, if you can’t prevent him from knocking your tanks back, he wipes the whole raid instantly.

And that’s just the price of entry. From there, it gets hard.

We’ve been beating our heads against this guy for something like the last three months. It’s hard. It’s a complex fight, and all of the members of your 40-man raid party need to have a certain level of gear (fire resistance, mainly) that takes some time to get. Also, it’s hard.

And, then, quite suddenly, I found myself standing there on the edge of the lava spiral that he stands in, healing my mages and priests, helping keep enough of the raid alive that we had a chance… and his health was at 20%… 15%… 12%… and it hit me.

We had 45 seconds left to kill him (before his Sons emerge, and we all die)… and that was enough time to do it.

I couldn’t believe it. But, man, it was gonna be close. Over my headset, our raid leaders had started to say things like “Unload! Get in there! Hit him with everything you’ve got!” And, they were right.

Man, I got right in there. I jumped into the lava, hopped through it, and got right in there next to that big ol’ towering column of flame and rage, and gave him everything I had.

Which, admittedly, isn’t much. I am a paladin, after all.

The feeling of satisfaction when that titanic sonofabitch finally disintegrated into nothingness, leaving only his gigantic hammer behind as a reminder of his unearthly presence was nothing short of ecstatic. My shout of delight startled my children in the next room.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you… the Ghosts of Retribution, and their really big hammer.

Check out the look of satistfaction on that avatar’s face.

Uh, through the armor, I mean.