Have you seen it?

It’s not new – I realize that. Two things:

a) You haven’t seen everything.
b) You might not have seen this.
c) Shut up.

Don’t get all “that’s three things, dickhead” on me. C != 3, that’s merely an oft-used convention.

Still not satisfied. Take THIS:

You have most likely gone astray by assuming that the line breaks and the parentheticals above actually indicate the beginning of one thing, and the end of another. That, my friends, is also merely an oft-used convention.

Anhh? Anhhhhhhhhhhhhh?

Yeah. Pwnt.

Anyway, the point I was trying to make is that the Geek Chart(tm), while horribly outdated by this time, is still astoundingly true. There is an echelon, a pecking order, a…

(wait for it)

…level… [snicker, snort]

of geekdom, that we are, all of us, passing through. When I ranked myself, I discovered (much to my dismay) that I fell into different levels for different topics. “Fell” is a good word here – I quickly set about discarding my interest in the “lower” geek pursuits, in an attempt to elevate my geek level to a more aloof, condescending one.

Me being who I am, it lasted two weeks and resulted in a total collapse back into the very things I had “stopped doing”, but that’s not the point. The point is:

a) We can become aware of our geek level, and
b) We can game the system.

I fear, though, what will happen when some geek decides to take it on himself to make the chart where “Geek” is one box, and “Rockstar” is another (and “Politician” is another, etc, etc), and we get to see firsthand just where we stand.

“Rising”? We may well be. “High”? I fear for our frail egos.