(Those of you who haven’t been here in a while might be amazed to learn that I blogged on Monday as well.)

Wow. I must say, I just started out my day with a PIKCHOW!! and a ZAMMIE!!! I plowed all the way through this here article, which is attempting to

“…illuminate the overlap survival horror games shared with psychoanalytic theorists.”

No, no, I’m serious, that’s totally what it’s about. Check this out:

“The Resident Evil series conservatively positions a player as a defender of Lacanian ‘symbolic order,’ the psychological force constituting subjectivity […] On the other hand, Silent Hill subverts our anticipation to occupy this position. If Resident Evil comfortably positions us as analyst, then Silent Hill mischievously collapses the distinction between analyst and analysand-undermining with it the surrounding symbolic order upon which such distinctions rely.”

I don’t know if I’m just getting more pretentious in my old age or what, but this kind of shit turns me on. I read that paragraph and I experience lust.

They’re absolutely right, of course. I mean, the part about save points is (as they freely admit) a little goofy… but not necessarily wrong. And the central analysis of the position of the player in relationship to the psychological structure of the story is… just…

Well, you’ll have to judge for yourself. But be careful. How you respond will reveal to the world how you see yourself.

( ^– That’s me, watching your reaction.)