Hoo, boy.

I’m making this post mostly because I’m so deeply impressed with Mr. Randy Pausch that I… I dunno. It seems like the only thing to do: add my links to the veritable storm o’ nets heading his way.

Randy is co-founder of the ETC, the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon. I’ve had… um… at least eight interns (embarrassingly, I’ve lost count) from this excellent program, and I intend to continue my investment in their outstanding group.

I believe I’ve seen Mr. Pausch give a talk at the GDC, but my memory is sketchy. I know that I’ve never met him.

But, damn. I’m awfully impressed with his… I suppose the word is stoicism? Rationality? Not sure how to categorize it, but he’s confronting his own death with something that resembles the kind of behavior that gets catholics made into Saints. He’s…

Fuck it. I’m going to shut up and just give you the link to the article, and the movie of his “Last Lecture”.

Thank you, Randy, for all that you’ve done.