Before we get started today, you really need to watch this.

That’s how I always did that level.

Now, I have something else for you. At work here, we sometimes get involved in what I would describe as less-than-productive behavior. This is, perhaps, not entirely uncommon in my industry.

That said, rarely has a day been so completely destroyed than the day that my office-mates and I found The Zombie Game.

I am grislyness. Grislyness, the zombie. As of right now, I am ranked 672nd. I rule.

Unfortunately, I am currently being held captive by my malicious overlord, the UnTrevor. But let me assure you, ladies and gentlemen, that will not stand. No. The UnTrevor is going down.

Here’s the thing about this game: it’s just a freakin’ website. It’s… it’s… not even really a game in the way we have come to think of it. It’s more like a play-by-mail game where the turns are very, very fast.

Must admit, though. Draining the vitality of my minions to serve my nefarious ends is pretty satisfying. Even if it’s just a website.

I will be sending out infection invitations to many of you. This will insure my ongoing power. Do not fear me; together, we can rule the known universe. Also, it will add your name to their spam list, which is always a good thing.

Mu hu. Wa ha. Wa ha.