Grr. I just lost a huge post because the power failed in my office.

I don’t have the spirit to re-build it. Sometimes, what you are writing is a process on it’s own, and reproducing it is next to impossible. I think this was one of those posts. Maybe I’ll return to the topic later, once I’ve finished stabbing this screwdriver into my goddamn defective battery backup system over and over and over.

On the bright side, my wargaming bridge got painted over the weekend, and I’m startled by how well it turned out. This picture is, of course, horrible, and does not really get across the detail that the model contains, but you can kinda see the green ink job I did for moss in the stone cracks…

And, more marvelously, the bridge was bloodied that very day.

Those are unpainted Chaos Warriors on the left, being (as it turns out) overrun by painted Beasts of Chaos on the right. Which just proves the age-old adage that painted figures always win.

Which helps explains my losing streak. At least that’s what I tell myself when I’m crying myself to sleep.