So, I just spend a whole truckload of time digging around in this Blog world of blog blog blogginess. Blog.

I’m left stunned, as I often am, when confronted with the bottomless abyss of the Vast Unknowable. SWEET JESUS you people write a lot.

I’m left thinking. Just what in the fuck have I gotten myself into.

The rules of this medium are scurrying around my mind like feeding rats. There’s so much to say, so much to do… and so little time!

Well, actually, there’s lots of time.

The challenge, of course, is to manage to say something interesting. To actually record something into this drivel-ful medium that someone will want to read. Perhaps.

But, I think maybe that’s a mistake. Perhaps it is in the very nature of this medium that trying too hard to craft oneself into an Image of Interest is swimming upstream; the very nature of blogosity seems to draw itself to a kind of bizarre self-reflective narcissism, and you’ve kinda gotta hope that you’ve got something interesting to say.