So, I wanted to sit down and blog on something other than Red Steel 2.

I failed, instantly. The release of this game has so completely taken over my life, it makes me begin wonder if there really ever was anything else, before this, the Great Red Tide.

The deluge of media, previews, comments, and just all-around stuff to me is beginning to resembled something that might be familiar to fans of a somewhat-more ancient form of mass-market entertainment: the opera. Following this line of thinking, this part is, perhaps, something akin to the Overture.

Rehearsal is over: it’s the big night. We (the Red Steel team) are sitting in the orchestra pit, sporting our best tuxedos (or gowns, in some cases). The audience is gathering, and we have finished with the intricate ritual of tuning our instruments. The lights start to dim, and, as is customary, before the curtain rises, we gently seduce you into the Show That Is To Follow with a piece written exclusively for the purpose: a musical “preview” (if you will) that highlights the core musical themes that will, later, as you are watching the actors cavort around on stage, grace your ears. It warms you to the tone, and gives you a head-start if you are new to the show.

Later, during the show, when you hear these cues, they might also serve to remind you that we warned you this would happen.

It’s about three weeks and counting until it’s all over and we get to find out what people really think about the game. Currently, all we know is what people would like to think. While this can have a tendency to inspire hope, it does not always accurately predict the final outcome.

Okay, now I’m going to drift off of Red Steel for a second, and go kinda random on you. Because, see, there’s a deep, personal irony at play here: all of the above madness is happening at a time when some of my compatriots in arms (best friends, in fact) are undergoing what might be called “the worst of times”. How to resolve the conflicting mental frisson produced by on the one hand seeing your labors being at-long-last revealed before the expectant audience, while at the same moment people you care deeply for are being subjected to unspeakable horrors?

That might be overstating it a bit.

(If that astonishes you, then this is clearly the first blog post from me you’ve read.)

Okay, so then, today, all that became even further complicated by other friends of mine becoming closely involved in new, confusing, potentially exciting yet dangerously strange events. The world stage of game development is re-shaping itself, and I know too many of the people involved to know which team to root for.

I have, in fact, no idea how to feel at all.

Thankfully, it ultimately doesn’t matter if I can or cannot sort through this or not in the time I have alotted. Because, in just a few minutes here, the overture will end, the curtain will go up, and the show will go on. Once that happens, it’s all down to instinct, the work you’ve already done, and your current companions.

I’m ready.

…it’s the wait that’s a killer.