People… are really freakin’ funny.

You may (or may not) be familiar with the Elder God C’thun. He(/She/It) is the end boss of An’Qiraj… which, if you have a life also might need some explaining. It’s a dungeon in World of Warcraft, of course, one of many.

Well, yesterday I hooked up with C’thun’s MySpace. He’s a swingin’ fellow, as it turns out. He just wants some mortals to consume, is that so much to ask?

Turns out MySpace is becoming quite the popular hang out for the World of Warcraft named mobs. How these virtual entities are managing to reach across the interstellar void of existence itself (as, you know, they only exist in the most thin of interpretations of the word) to, you know, dink around with HTML and construct a homepage on a social networking site… well, perhaps it’s something best left unexplored.

The complete roster, however, is certainly worth a look.

My apologies to those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about. This shit is way funnier if you’ve fought and killed these jerks 45 times. But, I think it might still be amusing (assuming you share my twisted perspective on humor) even if you haven’t been farming these guys for drops.


Blackrock Mountain (various):



  • Hakkar (sometimes an Elder God just needs a hug)

Molten Core:

  • Ragnaros has two pages, it seems. He seems to be experimenting.
  • Majordomo Executus (coward)
  • Magmadar (the cutest giant two-headed lava dog in the world, who’sagoodboy, who’sagoodboy!!)

Various other instances:

Folks who are Outside:

  • Sylvanas (you know, the Banshee who freed the Undead from the shackles of their masters, giving them free will? Yeah. She sounds kinda confused about it though.)
  • Prince Thunderaan, The Wind Seeker
  • Auctioneer Wabang? God damn it, I knew that dude made a lot of money, but… WOW! How do I get that job!?!

And, my personal favorite:

The Internet… is the best thing ever.