Yesterday, I go wandering into one of my designer’s cubes. He’s working away on his XBox dev kit, but (clever boy) he left a Darklord trap right there on his screen. His web-browser was pointed at… at…

Well, at this.

I have mentioned, have I not, how much I appreciate the indy games industry? Yes? Well and good. Now, there is another games industry afoot; one that is strange and multi-colored. Here and there, you can find these websites that are basically full of very, very addictive flash games & puzzles.

That you can play for free. Until you pass out. Or manage to pry yourself away from the screen.

Now, this particular incarnation of the free flash game is particularly insidious; it’s half logic puzzle, half guessing-game, built around the idea of discovering the rules that govern this strange little world it’s creator has fashioned, and then winding your way through the maze of possible triggers to find the win condition.

You poke it until it brightens up. Along the way, funny things happen. You know, games.

There are others of this sort, of course. They will also destroy your mind, if you let them. (I have not yet solved either of those two prior links, FYI. Taunt me at your leisure.)

Point to the Darklord: I solved the GrowCube. And I’m going to post the solution here.

Now, I’m not posting it for you. You should go and solve it. But, see, the best way for me to record the solution (so that I may later taunt my friends with my mad skillz) is to write it down. And, believe it or not, this here blog is currently the most reliable place for me to store information that I want to keep and be able to refer to later.

Does that scare you? It scares me. It certainly scares my wife.

So, here it is, for my record keeping.


Don’t cheat!! Solve it yourself!! It’s freakin’ bizarre, and totally worth it! Don’t give in to the dark side, and peek at my solution before you solve it yourself!!

[evil laugh]