I have arrived at my new home away from home, and it is… good, I think.

I was ushered into a new, spiffy cubicle yesterday morning. The walls of this new habitrail contraption are higher than the last cube I had, which is a cube upgrade of sorts; now the only person who I can see as they are walking by is the 6’10” Tower of Denmark who is my director.

Now, I am tall. I’m just under 6’1″, which puts me just inside that elite class of folks who can scan a crowd while within it. Western civilization is a fine place to be a tall man, they say, and I have seen nothing to contradict this appraisal. However, it also puts tall people into a state of mind that I can describe as “I’m taller than you.”

Thus, when some giant appears, and suddenly my head is tilting back instead of forward when I look at this guy… it’s a little disorienting. And, as a tall guy, I don’t have any communication patterns that apply to people who are taller than me (because, see, I’m taller than you), and so I end up using tall guy body language, only up instead of down

I’m going to fall on my ass during a meeting, is what’s going to happen. So it goes.

My new gig is made all the better by the presence of several old and dear friends. It’s actually kinda strange, working with the same people I was working with in the other place, but in a completely different environment. It honestly feels like I accidentally stepped through one of those blue, glowing rifts in reality, and have emerged in some alternate universe where I work at a slight different game company and everyone’s roles have been shifted around haphazardly.

I like it.