This weekend brought about what I can only describe as a gaming explosion.

I play Warhammer, and I have come far enough in the development of my sense of self that I can admit this even to beautiful women who dress in business casual and have to have the use of the word “gaming” defined for them in this context.

[ aside: ]
I believe folks of this sort often think I mean I’m a gambler when the subject comes up. They are at the same moment relieved and curious (like, side-show-carney curious) when they discover that this is not the case, and that we are talking about some kind of exotic gaming ritual, where people get together with the explicit intention of having fun for no purpose whatsoever. It baffles some.
[ end aside ]

Anyway, what was I talking about. Oh yeah! Warhammer.

Some folken know that I play. These “friends” (as I call them) often spread this insidious rumor that I’ll play anywhere, anytime. This is not true. I’ll play anywhere, anytime, as long as my wife has not already scheduled something for us. And, hey, just let me know, and maybe I can work something out.

So what happened was this: I was assigned to a team that, unbeknownst to me, was full of Warhammer geeks. As is turned out, no one knew that the team was aware of the latent geek potential in this group, and my arrival… well, it kinda sparked a freakin’ campaign. They could smell it on me, I swear. “Dude, he’ll run a campaign. Let’s get him spun up on it.”

Fast forward to Saturday.

4pm: My 1 opponent arrives at my house, army in tow.

For those not in the know, Warhammer campaigns are played in campaign turns. My weak understanding of sports makes me think that these campaigns are structured kindof like a season of Baseball: everyone’s competing for 1st place, but it’s much more about attrition over the long run than it is about any one scheduled game. But, like baseball, you get yourself into these games where you have to win.


I have a table in my studio, a 4’x8′ monstrosity that doubles as my wife’s fabric cutting table. I had divided this table into two game tables, each 4’x4′, allowing 2 games to be played at once. I had no idea how many people would show, and in fact had been wondering if I would end up making trees all night.


8 players at its peak. 7 1/2 hours of Warhammer gaming madness. 5 games played (I won mine, thank you very much, even if I did cheese the victory a tad). 26 beers drunk, and a gabble of chips consumed. 3 beers spilled. 4 rules fights, all of which Matt won (damn him!). 3 trees broken. 1 unbelievable Chariot Overrun, where our requisite n00b player of the campaign smashed his chariot through 1… 2… 3 units, an event long theorized as possible, but never actually witnessed. This on his second turn of play ever. To quote Miagi, “Beginner… luck.”

Folks wandered out at around 11:30pm, leaving me in kind of a dizzy haze. My gaming has been full of fits and spurts since we moved to the Bay Area, as I left most of gaming friends behind in Seattle. It was the densest game night of the past six years. To which I say, w00t!

p.s. And, on Sunday, I played Champions for four hours. It’s good to be a geek.