Have you seen it? A delightful dramatization of what it might have been like, here and there, in Rome, during the clash between Pompeii and Ceasar (a clash that I had little if any prior knowledge of). It features:

  • Sex
  • Fornication
  • Killing
  • Politics
  • Murder
  • Sex
  • Slaves
  • Blood

And that’s not all. There’s sex, too.

Also, it’s supremely entertaining. Acting, writing, production values, comedy, it’s all there. It’s unpredictable, dramatic, tense, gross, and supremely alien. Like a good re-enactment should be, it’s a little bit like looking into another world. Certainly another culture.

People in Rome were less restrained about sex than we puritannical Americans are, if we are to believe this presentation as true-ish. In case you were wondering.