druid writes:

Congrats on your mount. BTW, is that…um…a fiery enchant on your sword? O_o

Have you gotten *any* of your MC gear yet, or have all drops really gone to other people? What’s it like running MC (what’s the time investment per week)?

Oh, and as a debuff class, it’s painful to see you are running Decursive now. Nothing kills me (literally) more than having some Paladin hit a key and wipe away all my carefully placed DoTs 🙂

P.S. Lvl 53 now…

So good to hear from the youth of today’s WoW players. The young, not-yet-60-but-been-playing-the-game-for-over-a-year crowd.

To wit:

Yes, that is a fiery enchant. My guildmaster gave it to me as a “welcome to being an officer” gift. I’m working on getting a Crusader enchant; almost have enough for it.

Nope, I have gotten no Molten Core gear yet. But, I’ve only been in the guild for two weeks. I didn’t really expect to show up and be suddenly in the earn. Surprisingly, they don’t have a DKP system yet, so it’s a free-for-all. I just might get something soon. (Don’t worry about it if “DKP” is meaningless to you; it’s still mostly meaningless to me. We’ll talk later.)

Molten Core is… it’s quite a thing.

Completing Molten Core (which I’ve never done, and I’m not entirely sure my guild has done) takes two or three 4-6 hour runs. We generally go on Friday and Saturday nights.

Yep, it’s 8+ hours of gameplay. And if you’re lucky, you might get 1 piece of equipment out of it. Oh, and you get no money, and in fact need to pay for your repair bill.

Taken as a whole, it’s quite possibly the most fun I’ve had yet. Let’s talk.

Molten Core is a kind of initiation into the higher game echelons. One reason is obvious: you have to bring 39 of your closest level 60 friends to have the barest hope of succeeding in there. Less than that? Certain death. More than that? Not an option; there’s a40-person limit on how many people can go in together.

The other reason was not so obvious. Here it is: after 15 months of sort of dancing around the lip of this high-level-content precipice, now, thanks to my upwardly mobile guildmaster, I find myself… Well, that’s just the thing. I find myself in a completely different category of gameplay. And, more importantly, a different category of game players.

Where before I was bumping along, enjoying the scenery, killing stuff and taking their treasure, and chatting away with great wit with my guildies, I now find myself being swept along at a pace that I can only describe as professional.

You don’t chat in guild chat in my new guild. You state your business. We’re here to play the game, people, not socialize.

The part that really startled me about this whole thing is this: I am, quite suddenly, surrounded by people who are more than willing to burn two hours grinding on random high-level monsters for an incremental gain in faction (or some other abstract goal).

See, before I hooked up with these ultra-nerds (who are, in actual fact, an elite squadron of nerds that are gathered together to handle high pressure situations that many strive for but few attain; nerd ninjas, in a word), I would generally be able to extract about 30 minutes of running around and just killing stuff from people I met before they got bored and wandered off. It was a constant struggle, finding new peope with which to endlessly repeat the same challenges.

In this new gaming world, I find that it is an unstated assumption on everyone’s part that we are just going to quest for whatever is in front of us, forever, until work or some other real-life requirement extracts us from the task. It’s not even discussed.

For example. The other day I was in Silithus, and I saw a guildie ride by. I sent him a tell (“Hey, by any chance could I interest you in grinding a few mobs? 🙂 🙂 :)”). No response.

Then, an invite. He’s got another guy with him, and with a curt “hey there”, we are off. We spent the next two and a half hours killing Twilight Cultists, summoning their Elemental Lords, and killing them. Maybe ten sentences were spoken during the entire duration of the run. None of these sentences even mentioned any awareness of how long we were spending at this task. And then, after summoning one of the big ones, we were quite suddenly done. Everyone left, and I ran off to go turn in the 10 Twilight Texts I had collected during the massacree, much to my joy (and personal reward: I can now make Darkrune Helms).

This happens all the time now. I don’t even know who these people are. Sometimes I hear them talking on the guild chat server, but I have no clue who is who. I have a suspicion that they don’t either, and, further, that no one really cares. We’re all just happy to have gotten rid of the players who get bored with our special kind of gameplay, and don’t want to rock the boat.

They don’t even joke about it. You know that kind of light embarassment you (WoW players) feel when the topic of how long you’ve played comes up? It’s gone. Utterly absent. Every now and then someone mentions WoW being a life-destroyer, but that’s it. I’m in the darkest back corner of the opium den, surrounded by my comrades, who have also all accepted that they will die in the embrace of their drug, and are simply pleased to have the pleasure of my company.

So, in short, it’s nothing like the game that you’ve been playing. Nothing at all. And, once you start down the path, you’ll never look back.

Quit now, before it’s too late.