I never thought I’d say this, but I’m starting to get a little burnt out on WoW.

Maybe it’s because for the last three weeks I’ve been averaging 4-10 hours of play per day. That might have something to do with it.

It’s not that I don’t want to play the game. Not by a long shot. Indeed, I’m signed up to go raiding in Molten Core this very weekend, last weekend my goddamn Lawbringer Spaulders dropped, and I got them.

That’s right. 2/8. ZOMG.

But… still, I’m a little burnt. It manifests itself in a strange kind of naseous fatigue that begins the moment I see the logon screen. I’m assuming, for the time being, that this is a bad thing, and that it means that, at the least, I should see if the Real World is still there, alive, and intact. Perhaps take a census of still-living friends.

Of course, this extra time only allows room for other interests to invade.

For one, there is Tomb Raider, which a friend of mine has graciously loaned me a copy of.

[ ASIDE: Yeah, okay, so while collecting that link for you, this happened:

Normally, I hate desktop buddies. With a passion. But, I’ve gotta admit: having Lara Croft walking around my desktop scaling my windows seems perfectly reasonable. I’m a sick, sad little man. ]

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah!

Hell of a game. Tomb Raider: Legend is a true evolution of the franchise. Crystal Dynamics has succeeded where Core had failed: bringing Lara across the console generation gap. Core clearly leapt, missed, and let Lara fall to her death in a little crumpled heap (as she is want to do). Crystal reloaded their save game, made the same leap, and cleared it.

Although, barely. It’s short. Too short for some, but not too short for me. Lara is nearly perfect, and the innovations in climbing gameplay that the game has to offer will certainly become standardized within a single product cycle.

It’s also the first new game I’ve played in something approaching six months. And, get this: I’ve been busting out with some DDR action of late. I love that game.

Video games are not the only obsession re-emerging. Witness:

That’s blood on the stairs there, coming from the blood gutters cut into the tile around the sacrificial altar. Yes… yes. Turned out pretty good. Still needs some grass and stuff, so that’s next, but for a first “invented and built entirely from scratch with no plans or anything” effort, it doesn’t suck. It’s also extraordinarily heavy, being made entirely from plaster. I love my stone block molds. Yes I do.

I’ve been painting my Orkies, too. And, Dave & I had a rip-roarin’ game of Warhammer 40k on Saturday. (Dave learned an important lesson: don’t let the Genestealers get into your back rank. Ever.)

As a whole, not playing WoW constantly seems to be gently re-opening the doors to other pursuits, and I’m meeting this brave new world as any true hero would: cringing in fear, and blinking and wincing at the bright thing in the sky, my pasty skin and huge irises having been evolved for survival in a subterranean environment. I hope that with some integration therapy (and a little light surgery) I might be ready to be released into society at large within a few weeks.

I’ll let you know when that’s likely, so you can bar your doors at night.