We’ll see if I actually go through with it.

I’ve been doing a great deal of thinking about this blog. I made some blurry decisions when I first set it up, and although it has been a marvelous thing so far, and I fully intend to keep the activity in place, there’s some confusion in my head about what this whole thing is for. Confusion that has recently begun to focus into decisions.

To that end, I may be splitting this blog in half. With an axe.

In this brave new world, one blog (this one) would become a full-scale public version of my professional self. This would be focused around game design, and be much more of a vanity site. Another blog (elsewhere) would become the repository of all the other stuff I talk about here. Other stuff, and then some, perhaps.

This would likely mean blowing away a good chunk of what I’ve done here to date. C’est la vie. As we know, nothing on the net is ever truly lost, and besides, a good house cleaning every now and again is good for the soul.

Nothing really more than that so say. I’m musing out loud.

Except that I’ll kick your ass on the DS version of Guitar Hero just as hard as the other versions. When it comes out. And I’ll do it on a train.