Way back in the dark, desperate time in my life that I worked at Electronic Arts (which, if I ever return to their employ, I will no doubt look back on as a bright and hopeful beginning of an illustrious carreer), there was this excercise equipment manufacturer who was testing something called the Kilowatt at the Electronic Arts gym. The basic idea here was to combine video games (a compulsive, long-hours-at-time type of behavior) with exercise (a keep-you-alive, but not-very-fun) kind of behavior.

I figured it was genius. I actually really enjoyed using the device, although in practice it was really just a very amusing way to get a great upper-body workout. It interfered with the game itself, so you couldn’t really say it was a controller. More of an intriguing and tricky-to-use way to hook up video games to an exercise machine.

At the time, the manufacturer was very interested in our feedback. I seemed to be the primary dude actually using the device (it was put right out in the middle of the floor, which meant that most people wouldn’t even attempt it for fear of looking like an idiot), and at one point I managed to break one of the bolts on the prototype, so their people seemed interested in me in particular. So, in my normal wall-flower way, I yakked their ear off at length about their device.

At one point, I opined to them that it would be fantastic if they could manage to hook up a keyboard, mouse, and PC / PC monitor to some kind of exercise device. Say, an exercise bike. So that I could work out my heart muscle while playing World of Warcraft, you see.

Fast forward three years.

The world has heard my prayers. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Geek-a-Cycle. And, please send me one for Xmas. It is, after all, right around the corner.