So, you may have noticed that I haven’t written in a while.

It’s not that I don’t love you; I do.

In fact, to prove it, instead of the post I was going to write (which I will write eventually, I just need to get my nerve up), I’m going to give you something.

Some of you may know that I [heart] Jon Stewart. If you watch The Daily Show, then I commend you, and I offer my condolences.

[ASIDE: That link, by the way, is the single best argument I know of for why being able to watch TV on your computer is a good thing.]

[…also, if you use Firefox, good fucking luck making that website work. Even I have to use Internet Exploder when I use that site.]

Now, you may or may not know that Stephen Colbert (of said show) recently spun off his own show, The Colbert Report.

This show, while not quite as delightfully yummy and watchable as Mr. Stewart’s, is certainly a great deal more acerbic. (Here’s a link to the definition of that word, if you, like me, didn’t know what it truly meant until I looked it up, after I had used it in a sentence.)

But let me be clear, that is not what I am offering you here. No.

No friends, no. The thing I have for you today is, quite possibly, the most painfully aggressive public roast in human history. And I have it for you, on video.

Understand this: Stephen Colbert is… stunningly direct in his backhanded criticism of the current administration. And, the thing is, when he is presented with a choice between the two, he consistently chooses poignancy over laughs. This makes him a little hard to watch… there are many moments on his show where the audience is clearly trying to laugh, although they are so uncomfortable at what he just dared to say on the air that they’re not sure they… are allowed to?

And… so… clearly, a good idea would be to invite Mr. Colbert to be the closing speaker at the White House Correspondent’s Association Dinner. Which the President attended. Along with a whole buch of other dignitaries.

Let me offer you a quick warning: I mentioned that he is willing to sacrifice the laugh to make a point? Oh… man.

Watch the whole thing. I honestly cannot believe that this happened.