So, it’s not over, not by a long shot. But, last night, as Mr. Sandman was hurling grains of beach detritus into my eyesockets in an attempt to bludgeon me to sleep (I had had too much coffee, you see), I realized that there are a couple of things I can begin to talk to you guys about.

This is a great relief to me. I’ve missed you. Yeah, I know, shut up, I’m not gonna go on and on about it and I ain’t gonna cry, neither, so you can just forget about that. Don’t get all mushy on me.

Let’s see. I think I’ll start here.

Before I go into detail on who the fuck is that?!??, I want to talk for a moment about a strange quirk that has colored my past few months.

It is this: we lost our Art Director in September. Under what can only be described as (indeed, one should go so far as to say must be described as) “sketchy” circumstances, my team of prototyping ninjas quite suddenly found themselves sans-visual leader. Fine, fine, no problem, I said, someone else will emerge from the team, some young, ambitious upstart will… someone… at some point, see, there’s gonna be… anyone? Bueller?

It was with the greatest amount of irony that, without any candidates to draw upon who understood the game I was trying to describe, I discovered that I had been surreptitiously volunteered for the job. Now, those of you who know me know that I have no art background, beyond my own personal investigations. I have nary laid pen to paper. Lo.

Didn’t matter. Team needed a lead, and I was the man for the job.

Fast forward: six weeks later, I had learned more about what an art team does, needs, and wants from their art director than I had accumulated in the previous decade. I forced myself to learn the trade… since, for the time being at least, there were several talented professional friends of mine who needed leadin’.

It was a blast.

(We finally got the right guy for the role, someone who is so staggeringly talented and experienced at it that I, gratefully, pretty much evaporated into the dark night. “Good luck! Have fun with the art! poof“)

These six weeks, though… they did something to my head. The picture you see above is one side-effect of the process.

It is the Darklord, you see. He’s a little preview of what I’m working on for this site. I assembled him in Photoshop, out of various bits and pieces. I am 100% confident that some of you recognize some of his bits, but I gotta say… as a first-ever piece of digital Photoshop art, I’m pretty damned satisfied with the results. I like him. Let me know what you think.

Unless you don’t like him. In that case, fuck off.

(as my darling daughter would say, “j/k! hee hee!”)

I’m working on an alternate version of this blog site. I’ll keep blogging here until I get all the wrinkles worked out, but I’ll hopefully have stuff up for your review and approval. Or, at the very least, I’ll have something for you all to mock and point fingers at. Either way, let’s assume that it’s going to take for-fucking-ever, like every other personal web project I’ve ever seen.

It’ll ship when it’s done, ladies and gentlemen.

I have other stuff to talk about, but I’ll blog about it later. Don’t want to spent all my blogging capital at once!