I have spent about 30 minutes with this thing so far. It is…

Well, here, take a look for yourself [link removed, sigh, here is a better one?]

There is this whole new experience that the vile alchemy of Teh Interwebs + Flash + Creative Geniuses + lots of free time has created. Let us call this branch on the tree of entertainment “Amazing Things That Should Not Be Free But Somehow Are”. There are many examples of this, some of which can be found on the sidebar of this very blog. Yes indeedy.

Actually, let’s just remind our readership (all two of you) about some of that.

If you haven’t played Tower Of Goo… well, what the hell, man. Do I have to spell it out for you? C-L-I-C-K… T-H-E… L-I-N-K. I know, I know, “But I have to download it, man. How come I can’t just play it?” Yeah, shut up. Download, play.

On the topic of The Swarm, it is important to understand that my daughter, once hooked in to a particular challenge, is pitbull-like in her inability to release the tether until she has somehow pegged an impossible score. She did this with the “keep the red box from hitting the blue boxes game”, and she did it here. I think the macabre nature of the piece in question helped keep her attention. I believe her highest impact velocity was 218mph. Beat that.

There are more. So many more. I hesitate to even link; I fear the destructive power such a post might have.

All of this coalesces into the strange world that is the Now; a world where we can casually drift across a vast network of information, and occasionally be entertained by objects of such beauty and simplicity that ten years ago, and rolling on back four million years, they were impossible. I caution you: the future has more of this coming for you, and it’s coming soon.