I love my toys.

Some time ago, this wacky friend of mine bought a metric truckload of molds from Hirst Arts Fantasy Architecture Inc.

At the time, I called him crazy. … I also called him a diety, and washed his feet with wine, and my hair. See, because these are some of the coolest damn toys of all time. Imagine: Lego, except you can make all you want, and they’re textured like stone.


This weekend marked the first actual excursion into the land of Casting Plaster Blocks. And, I’ve gotta say, it’s really, really fun.

First thing you do, see, is…

Well, wait. The first thing you do is read the instructions. Over and over.

Okay, then, the first thing you do is make yourself a litle casting station.

Here’s the recommended station, from the website:

And, here’s mine:

Mine’s better. Mine isn’t a goddamn STAGE SET.

In short order (like, within an hour of getting started), I was cranking out a bunch of these:

I have, at this point, a reasonable collection of blocks. I need more (oh yes, I need more), but for a first day’s work? Not so bad.

My first attempt at assembly will be something resembling a bridge, although I’m going to have to modify the original plans some to accomodate the width of a Warhammer movement tray.

(If the phrase “Warhammer movement tray” means nothing to you, don’t sweat it. You’re normal.)

Here is the current status of said bridge:

Dude (and by “dude”, I mean the goddamn sugardaddy who hooked me up with these badass toys; that’s right, I’m talkin’ to you), you have no idea how happy these things have made me.

It’s stupid, but… I really like making bricks out of plaster. Go figure.