I love the Internet. Let me just set that straight. I’ve heard these “the Darklord hates the Interweb” rumors, and I’m saying it here for the record: it’s a dirty, damn lie. And I’ve paid good money to have it squelched, so let’s just let it end here. Cool?

I specifically love web comics.

I grewed up reading the funny pages every damn day. I remember this one time, I brought a bunch of Peanuts collections to keep me entertained during some religious meeting my father was was attending at a friend’s house, and ended up embarassing him horribly because I was giggling away in the bedroom to Snoopy while the adults were trying to commune with the big “G” or something.

I really haven’t changed much since then. I still loves me a good comic strip. Yes I do.

And, for those of you who don’t know, the goddamn Internet has changed the entire face of this delightful medium. Yes it has. For you see, it had long been understood that there were only twenty-seven or so comic strips in existence (only enough to fill a page and a half in your local newspaper), and it was further understood that these strips had to be bland, banal, and pretty fucking stupid, generally, or else the editors of said papers would cut them.

I like to think of this as the “Dark Ages” of comic-ery. Comicary. Comic… itude?

Then, lo, one day I was browsin’ me some interweb, and I stumbled upon the best online comic strip story of all time. Sluggy Freelance is not so much a comic as it is an epic exertion of hilarity and drama, exerted out of its creator apparently by sheer force of will. It’s outstanding.

If you haven’t read it, start at the fucking beginning. Don’t think you can just drop right in or something. Because you can’t.

For me, see, this was a bit of an eye opener. “What’s this??” said me befuddled noggin, “A comic strip, written for adults, that is funny, serious, witty, disturbing, and clever?? Whaaaaaaaa?”

Such a thing did not exist, as far as I knew, outside of Calvin and Hobbes (defunct) and Bloom County (also defunct). But, as it turns out, there are many, many more of these available for your viewing pleasure.

Flintlocke is not one of those.

No, friends. No.

Flintlocke is one of those things that can only exist inside the web. It is a horrid, awful abomination, a merging of ideas so foul that it should only be tasted in two’s and three’s.

I’m almost all the way through the archives. Oh. My. God.

Episode 1: Guide to Maiming Meat that Walks is… pretty much required reading. If you are a geek. Which I know you are.

And, anyone who has dumped more of their life than they should have into WoW pretty much needs to read Episode 2: Ogre Killing in 56 Easy Steps.

Beyond that, you have no one but yourself to blame.