Flash is actually quite fun. I did this to that other thing:

http://www.darklord.com/something_fun.html [updated link: https://www.darklorde.com/coldstorage/something_fun/something_fun.html ]

which I think more resembles a game than that last version. It has, for example,

1) Clear victory conditions
2) Clear failure state
3) Unpredictable outcome

This is not everything I wanted, but it’s at least game-like. Game-ish.

It would be fun to add things to it. Like, shooting. It would be fun, for example, if the player could shoot sideways (only), and if there were enemies that flew in pursuit of the player.

(There was an arcade game way back when called Tutenkamen that used this “only shoot sideways” mechanic, and I really liked it. Someday I’m going to put that into a game I make, dammit.)

It would also be fun to shoot out wall pieces. Like, have some of the doorways blocked and shoot-out-able. There ought to be a word for shoot-out-able, don’t you think? Quick! Think one up! And spread it over yonder!

Were I to get really crazy, I’d make the gameplay surface tall (like, twice as tall as it is now), and put more walls on screen. They would move a little bit slower, and would include things like dead-ends and powerups. This would end up being more like a scrolling labyrinth, which would be really cool.

But, I’m thinking I want to try something else instead. This project has been instructive, I’ve learned stuff, and I have another game in mind. Ever the ambitious designer, I.