Today, let us respond to two startling questions, from two different readers.

These are, quite possibly, 2 out of 3 readers that I have.

druid writes:

Congrats. First, on resisting the urge to ninja the helm (although, dammit, you are a Paladin, and there’s a truly special level of hell reserved for Paladins that steal drops). And second, for finally getting it to drop.

My thanks. But what’s your question?

So. Big picture time, here. How long do you expect to continue playing WoW? Until it’s not “fun” anymore (I dare you to say that running Scholo 42 times is still “fun”)? Until the expansion? Until you have full Lawbringer? Until you’ve experienced all the content (Ony, AQ40, soon Nax and the expansion)?

It’s one of the issues that always gets to me with MMOs – there’s no end. Hence, my experience with them almost always ends up being sour, because I play them until I can’t stand playing them any more (otherwise, why quit)?

The answer to this question might terrify you. It certainly terrifies me.

I will be done with this game when:

  1. I have a character (most likely Allora) that has experience every piece of geo in the game, and beaten every monster. Progress: 90%.
  2. I have a character (horde and alliance) that has completed every quest in the game. Progress: 60% (alliance: 98%, horde: ~50%, there is a great deal of overlap at high levels)
  3. I have a level 60 character of each class. Progress: 15% (Paladin: 60, Priest: 43, Hunter: 33, Warrior: 33, Shaman: 24, Rogue: 29, Mage: 8, Warlock: 3, Druid: 0)

I really think that speaks for itself.

Dave writes:

I command you to write an interesting, not WoW tinted, blog of epic proportions. Reading about the Lizard’s Gizzard for the 400th time is uninteresting.

Hmmm. An interesting point. Let’s take a moment and discuss.

  1. See above converstaion for a rough idea of what your chances are of not seeing WoW-related posts on this site in the near-term.

So be it.