On Thursday, yours truly flew down to the greater Los Angeles area, and struck, single-man-insertion-mission-style, a lightning reconnaissance on the enemy. The folks at E3 never knew I was there.

This, of course, has almost entirely to do with the 150,000,000 other people who were there, many of which look kinda like me. Also, the bass was pumpin’. The 100′ tall video screens didn’t hurt as a distraction, either.

The ability to pick perfect venues for lighting reconnaissance makes or breaks the mission.

Lemme tell you. There are some games coming out. And soon.

A few notables worth examining:

  • Heavenly Sword – Oh. My. God. After seeing this gameplay (that’s gameplay footage, people; I recommend “Heavenly Sword – E3 2K6 Gameplay HD”), I went over to the God o’ War II display, and went: “…feh.”
  • Lost Planet – The strangest thing for me about this game is that I know it’s going to be big, even though I only glanced at the preview movie, and stood watching someone play for about three seconds. Why? Because everyone (and I mean everyone) at the show who I talked to asked me if I had seen it. Gotta admit, it looks cool.
  • The Burning Crusade is, of course, going to continue to ruin my ability to enjoy anything else.

There were a few wonderful surprises lying in wait:

  • Warhammer: Mark of Chaos looks soundly enjoyable. They have my Orkies, and big stoopid giants, so, pretty much, I’m there.
  • Tabula Rasa… you know, I’ve been skeptical, and as much as I have wanted to believe that Richard Gariott was going to pull it out, it’s been looking dicey. But… hmmmm… he put… that magic symbol thing in front of the chick’s hand, and all of a sudden his sci-fi mistake is starting to look like something that might actually be unique… I’m getting interested.
  • Crysis looks cool, although not really my cup o’ meat.
  • Lemmings PSP is the perfect PSP game. I will buy a PSP just to play this game.
  • I really want Dungeon Runners to be as cool as Rogue and NetHack were back in the day… but it won’t be. *sigh*

Here’s a page for people who want to taste how goddamn overwhelming it is to attend E3. Go ahead. Read about ’em all. I dare you.

All in all, I gotta say… I think the age of invention is over. What I mean by that is that for the last 30 years, folks have been struggling to invent this new entertainment medium. And, it looks to me like the work has been successfully accomplished. Nice job!

Now begins the age of competition.