:[ More Sith spoilers!! Do Not Read!! ]:

So, one of my esteemed colleagues dumped this piece of genuine article on us during our post-Sith revival email thread (which, if you can believe it, is still on-going):

Did the Emperor create Anakin? Remember that story the Emperor told
Anakin about a powerful dark Jedi that was able to create life using
Midiclorians? Was this a story about himself?

A second Esteemed Colleauge quickly followed with the following:

The Emperor’s master created Anakin as a replacement for Palpatine as
his apprentice, without Palpatine’s knowledge (otherwise, Palapatine
would’ve kept Anakin hidden from the Jedi). Palpatine killed his master
before he ever learned his secrets.

To which, I have to say, uh…

Look, I thought this was supposed to be the end of this shit. All the questions were supposed to be answered. I…

That’s a really interesting idea. The notion that Darth Plagueous (it took us some time to recall his name; we ain’t getting any younger, sweetums) created Anakin sends a shudder of thrilling horror down my spine.

It seems like the simplest way to tie up that one crazy miracle birth loose end, doesn’t it? It almost seems fucking possible, don’t it?

And another thing.

I thought the same thing about Leia in ROTJ talking about remembering a
little bit about her mother and her “dying young”. I figure that could
have been her foster mom she remembered.

To wit:

I thought it was pretty clear in RotJ that Leia was remembering her birth
mother, but maybe not?

I have excellent friends. I let them know that I appreciate them by calling them “geeks” and “nerds” to their face.

This goes back to the previous post: we (the Followers Of Lucas) have had a bit of a communication issue with Mr. George Star Wars Lucas.

We always thought Leia was remembering her birth mother, yes. The way she describes her memories of her mother implies at least a few years with Leia before she dies.

This leads to the obvious conclusion (that most of us were carrying around; I know, I used to ask people about this shit) that the children (and, potentially, Padme herself) were in hiding from the Dark Lord for quite a while before she kicked it. (Also, the very interesting idea that Padme would be with Leia for several years, but not Luke, and what might she have told her daughter that she didn’t tell her son…?)

That’s how I always thought it would go, but instead, she lost the will to live and died in childbirth.

I suppose Leia could be reporting her memory of that one scene, although that seems a little far fetched, ya? I vote adopted mother.