If you haven’t seen the Darkon trailer… well, you’re about to.

Before you go there, however, I have to warn you: what you see may horrify you. Like, in a “oh my GOD I can’t believe that actually happens” kind of way.

It also may delight you. Depends, I suppose, on how far into that well you’ve dipped your bucket in your sordid, secret past (yes, we know all about it, and even about that other thing).

However, there’s something absolutely wonderful about what you are about to see, but to see it you have to get through at least halfway. So, go. Go, I say.


Okay, I have this to say about that there thing. It is high time someone made a serious documentary about the utter lunacy that live action gamers put themselves through. If the eventual product is anything like the trailer you just saw, I can safely say that the filmmakers will have captured nearly exactly what it is like to be engaged in that madess.

I know this. Because when I watch it I experience a kind of fascinated horror at the sheer nerve of these people to do such audacious thing. Mixed in with this is a kind of wonderous delight at the medieval pagentry and utter swords & sorcery-ness of the whole thing.

And, see, this is exactly how I feel when I attend one of these escapades.

Why do I do it? I think it’s because the pain that I experience at watching nerds struggle through horrible improvised drama with utterly false accents does not exceed the rewarding pleasure I experience at the sight of piles of swords laid out for sale, or wonderous flowery medieval garb-ery. It’s close, but it’s still a net gain.

And thus, as the emotion of watching this trailer precisely replicates the emotion of attending the events this documentary portends to display, I can only assume that they’ve got it right. Don’t flinch from the stupidness, and also let the wonderousness of it all come forward in its own time, and maybe you might have some fun.

Goodness knows, I’m suddenly looking forward to seeing this little filmic project. Oh yes.