Not sure what to call it, actually. Sunnyvale University came up as a name, but it doesn’t seem right to me. I’m not teaching these kids to FIGHT evil, I’m teaching them to BE evil.

Whatever it is called, it has gotten a tad out of hand, and I have had to resort to making lists and getting organized. Feels all right, having all of your plans and goals and tasks all written down and ready for action… but I’m skeptical. I’ve tried this before, and it has a tendency to be fun for a few months and then fade out. Perhaps the constant pressure of the ‘apprenti’ will prevent that from being the case this time.

Probably not.

Either way, I figure if I am forcing them to blog every goddamn day, then the least I can do is join them in the labor.

It’s not obvious, how to do this. I have signed up to shepherd these young adults through their first fluttering flaps of the wing away from the nest, and I am finding that it is a constant, extraordinary effort to stay ahead of them. I started with a plan that was little more than “do sort of what my dad did with me”, appended “don’t fuck it up”, and started running. So far it’s produced fairly wondrous results, but I’d be lying to ya if I said it wasn’t a terrifying burden.

I mean, what if I do fuck it up? WHAT THEN?

Well, that would be no fun for anyone, would it? Tell ya what: let’s not fuck it up.

Here’s the thing, though: the “not fucking it up” shape that this project has taken on involves a weekly- or daily- review of each individual apprenti’s needs and state of learning, followed by an act of creation to come up with curriculum (curriculi?) that fits the bill. I underestimated that part, frankly. Good thing I enjoy being creative, because HOLY FUCKINSHIT.

The new invention is this: I will shift the daily blog posts to a 4-times-a-week thing, and see what happens when I take the day in-between to read their stuff, and respond to it, and then give them a topic for the NEXT blog post from that comment. I have the sense that their writer-selves have dropped into a “barf on the page and then hit post” rhythm, and I’d like to improve on that. NOT THAT SUCH A PATTER IS A PROBLEM, mind you. Quite to the contrary: getting my three young slavelings to the place where they could do that with regularity was sort of the Prime Goal of the blog project.


This should be entertaining.

P.s. Is it necessary to be a sadist to succeed in teaching? I am wondering about this, because I end up relying on my natural talents in that area more often than I would care to admit. …Further than I just did, I mean. YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.

P.p.s. These words are here to get me over 500 words.