We’re coming up on two months of blogging here. This is interesting to me, since it is easily the longest any form of journaling or writing has held my interest. Here’s what we know so far:

  • http://www.blogger.com/ makes this task as goddamn straightforward as it likely can be. In order to be easier or more flexible, it would literally have to follow me around begging to be updated, and use Adobe Illustrator as the authoring interface or something. It’s stupid how well-thought-out it is.
  • I tend to forget do to things once everything is all set up and I’ve done them once. It’s like some little planning dude in my Head Office is going, “Okay, I’ve demonstrated that I can do the laundry successfully. The system is in place. Therefore, I need never do it again. Our work here is done!” And then I wonder why the laundry hasn’t been done. If anyone knows what patch I can install to my firmware to fix this problem, please send help.
  • After my first few weeks, the need to blog diminished some, as if the waters that had been building up over time had been bled off by my first few weeks of skree’ing. What has emerged is a gentle sensation of wanting to write. It’s strange; I’ve been writing for a long time, and only recently have I discovered that when you get to a certain skill level, it is, as some have warned, actually pleasurable to organize your thoughts through words. Surprises abound, it seems.
  • I think I’m funny from time to time. I hope you do too. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if you didn’t, as I’m also obtuse. Maybe a bit dry. Like a fine martini, perhaps.
  • People don’t like it when you say, “oh yeah! I wrote about that in my blog!” when something comes up in conversation. It leads to this really unpleasant five seconds where:
  • The topic of the conversation has suddenly become your blog, instead of whatever it was that we were talking about. It’s the same reaction I would get if I said, “oh yeah! I was in a movie about that!”;
  • Then, everyone in the conversation is suddenly, uncomfortably aware that you write a blog. Opinions vary on whether this is a socially acceptable form of behavior, so reactions vary from a sort of confused smile to actual distaste;
  • Immediately after that, some kind of recovery attempt is made, and the conversation either rebounds, or collapses entirely.

Even with all its warts, I begin to see why people engage in this bizarre ritual. Venting one’s spleen in the public discourse is often enormously enjoyable, sometimes embarassing, potentially damaging, and, above all, an excellent attention-getting scheme. Even if, ultimately, I’m the one paying attention to me. 😛