Okay, now I (for one) had never heard of one Keith Olbermann, but I can tell you that since I received a link thing in my email inbox, clicked it, and gave it the full ten minute treatement, that situation has changed.

I mean no hyperbole when I say that this man is a hero. Not in a “I saved lives on Iwo Jima” kind of way, but there is, as you may know, more than one kind of hero. Here, try this on for size:


I can only say this: it is about goddamn time someone started talking like that.

Here’s another one:


If you are a fan of Mr. Olbermann already, then this is likely a familiar feeling of happiness and patriotic respect that you are feeling. If you, like me, are just now being introduced to the man, then let me assure you! They’re all like that!

The interview Mr. Olbermann is referring to (the one with Mr. Ex-President Clinton) can also be watched over teh Interweb, and it, not the others, is the actual point of this blog post.

Click this and watch it, if you are in a good spot to spend 1/4 of an hour. Fuck that, watch it even if you don’t have the time. It is certainly worth it.


Mr. Olbermann is The Man, it is true, but Mr. President? I applaud you. I applaud you from the deepest reserves of what is left of my tattered patriotism, and I thank you for having the courage to fucking put it to him like that. It’s one thing to criticize from the bench. It is another to stand up and be righteous.

Please, a moment of silence, in respect of the awesome job that man did in saying true things.

Go Bill.