Blogging, to me, so far appears to be part public masturbation, part 1-sided conversation, and part semi-literary journaling. It’s…

It’s like the inverse of web surfing. I post the random stray websites of my mind, rather than leading my mind through random stray websites. It’s like TV in reverse.

I mentioned my blog-osity (blog-itude?) to a patch of friends I’ve been cultivating, and this popped out:

Now that the gauntlet is thrown, I’m going to have to compete with the rest of you fuckers to get blogged by [yours truly]. Must brush up on my analytical writing skills.


In actual fact, it turns out that the simple delight of using this quote (which is, itself, about attempting to take some other action to “get blogged”) as the blogged quote itself could not be resisted.

I [heart] irony!