Some days, I like to offer you all a little treat before we start. A netsnack, if you will. Today is one of those days. Something like 90% of my readers (if… it is possible to divide that group by 10, which I’m not certain about) will have already seen this, as it came my way via that selfsame group, but what the heck. The rest of you deserve it just as much as they do. More, even.

Remember: sometimes you just have to punch an alien in the face.


I sit here today, idly scratching my ribs (I have ribs. Who would have thought?), contemplating my blogitude.

I enjoy this process of public journaling immensely. I never would have imagined, prior to leaping forward into the virtual arena, that I could take such pleasure from something so simple.

But at the same time, it is oddly constraining. There are, you see, many things I would very much like to talk about, but I feel reluctant. The “Google will spider the page and it will be filed in the bowels of their archives for the next 1,000,000 years” thing is, honestly, a little daunting. It’s like… well, it’s like publishing your inner thoughts. I imagine the feeling is equivalent to people who find that their drug addled home videos have been published to the Internet.

I apologize, that was a cheap shot.

I really didn’t have anything else to say about that.