I promised folks I would post my slides from my PAX/DEV talk. Thassa what I’m going to do here.

First, here’s the blurb from the PAX/Dev website about it (from http://dev.paxsite.com/schedule_alph.php#The_Four_Types_Of…_(aka_A_Unified_Theory_of_Human_Gaming)) :

The Four Types Of… (aka A Unified Theory of Human Gaming)
Grand Ballroom A
Wednesday, 3:30pm – 4:30pm
The past few years have seen the emergence of several strong, well-researched analyses of player motivation, game design rules, and player emotion that have striking similarities to each other: namely, that they are based on four categories, and align remarkably well with existing historical philosophies.
I propose that we are on to something here. Perhaps, a unified theory of human gaming. But rather than write a book, I figured we should crowdsource the problem, and where better to do it than PAX Dev.

We will start with a quick examination of the existing play theories that use four categories:

– The 4 Emotions of Play (Nicole Lazzaro)

– The Bartle Test

– The eight kinds of fun (Marc Leblanc)

– Shooter psychology study (Ubisoft internal)

– The Meyers-Briggs personality test

We’ll examine the overlap between these systems, looking for a ‘meta’ structure that encompasses as many of them as possible. If the right people show up to the talk, maybe we’ll even succeed! Come to the talk, take in the data, analyze it live, ask challenging questions, and join the search to understand the human structures underneath our art.

Jason Vandenberghe [Creative Director, Ubisoft]

In the end, the feedback I got after the talk seemed to indicate that it did address that promise, at least. The slides should be attached to this post.

I have a desire to write a more extensive write-up of what was talked about there. We’ll see what happens with that. 🙂

Thanks for everyone who came out!

The Slides