Here’s what just happened.

I have this stack of links I’ve been wanting to share with you. As part of my recent personality reconfiguration, I’ve been making lists and stuff, and the amount of sharing I’m behind on is extensive. So, I sat down to collect some of them together. I do this for you.

I got as far as this link:

Actually, I didn’t even get to that link. FYI, the game that link points to is fucking brilliant, and if you haven’t already been up that particular tower of blocks, I can safely say that I’m better than you.

No, see, I was reading that link, and figured the first part of the URL would, naturally, lead to the second part.

I didn’t fully anticipate. I didn’t… understand.

Here, see for yourself.

Can’t make any sense of it, can you? That’s okay, neither could I. But… there were icons and stuff… so I clicked.

Forty-five minutes later, I emerged from this goddamn attention trap, having gotten as far as level 6, and to the third floor (albeit with mixed results).

There’s something astounding going on here, that is precisely the kind of thing I adore. Have you played it?

Go play it! Fuck! What do you think I’m doing this for? Attention?

It’s a distillation of the dungeon crawl. My mind translates this experience into an entire roleplaying adventure, but it’s a fucking 2D-side scroller. I love it. YMMV.

So, I suppose all those other links will have to wait.

p.s. If you’re wondering, yes my life is still weird, and no I don’t have more news. Pray for me.