“Doctor! I think this blog is dying!”

“You’re right. We have no choice. Quick! Fire up that defibrillator!”

“But… doctor! The heart… it isn’t even fibrillating!”

“Never mind that! We’re in a fictional context here! We’re gonna treat this device, which is used in real life to stop the beating of a spasming heart altogether, as if it were used to trigger the heart to restart, biology be damned! It’ll be way more dramatic that way!”



<electrical zap sound, lights flicker>

{…} {…}

“Doctor, we have a pulse!”

“IT’S ALIVE!!!!”

FYI, what you are seeing is the newly WordPress-powered version of my blog. I have finally successfully imported all of my Blogger data into WordPress, which I believe will be more suited to my needs.

Please ignore the detritus for now; the site navigation is all wacky, and there’s a couple of things I need to fix with the way WordPress does its magic. But, the remarkable thing is that I can fix these things. As opposed to Blogger, where if I want to do something unsupported, I am simply screwed.

It’s good to be back. The patient is still on life support, but it just might pull through.