And, here is a brief pause amid the storm.

The responsible thing to do in times of turmoil like this would be to dutifully report the news. The journalistic ethic… the… it says that… report the…


I had my hairstylist cut off 10″ of hair yesterday. It was all deadwood, pretty much, and I am left with locks that still fall past my shoulders. My perspective on this is clear: there are guys with long hair, and there are guys who chickened right the fuck out at the shoulders. If it doesn’t go past your shoulders, it ain’t long. It’s just large.

Some of the more psychologically-inclined members of my (rapidly diminishing) readership would no doubt be prone to speculate, Days-Of-Our-Lives-Style: does this change in hairstyle reflect some kind of change in personality?

Yeah, pretty much. I’m not done yet, not by a long shot, but


things seem to be shifting around in my internals. I alluded to this earlier, and will continue to allude to it. To wit:

  1. I’ve lost 80 pounds.
  2. I hang out with my family every night.
  3. I haven’t actually played World of Warcraft in over six weeks. I’ve spent a total of 1.5 hours in the Burning Crusade.

I am not making any predictions of what the darklord will be spending his time doing in the future. Goodness knows, I figured out long ago that predicting my future behavior based on current activities is a great way to drive myself insane. I am merely trying to observe the present, and report the news.

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2 thoughts on “*whew*”

  1. Actually, *I’m* saying *whew* now.

    After all the reckless, obsessive compulsive, self-destructive, drive-yourself-insane-because-you-can’t-stop-yourself, irresponsible behavior I imagined you getting yourself into, to find out you are merely hanging with the wifenkidz is a huge relief.

    Although I do have to wonder whether your escape from WoW has anything to do with the fact that lvl 65 Murlocks drop vendor trash with better stats than all that purple gear you’ve been collecting in MC all those months.

    I’m just saying.

    P.S. Expect a call from me at some point soon – after 12 months of hell, the boy finally slept through the night for the first time last night, so I figure it’s time to climb out of my shell and start finding out what the hell has been going on with all my friends for the last year…

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