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  1. Salutations Jason, my name is Tyler Cannon-Nelson, I’ve been closely following the development of For Honor in extreme anticipation, I’ve had the chance to partake in some of the tests and you even shared one of my stream highlights from my stream off youtube! That was quite the honor indeed.

    Anyways, I’m reaching out to you because I have a dream and I’m feeling a little lost. I don’t even really expect a reply as I know you must be pretty busy especially with the release of For Honor around the corner. But the themes and feelings within your game really inspired me a lot. Games have always been a huge part of my life, and I recently made the realization that I want to work to create them in the future, and it’s probably the only career I could see myself being happy with. I’ve tried and failed with other pursuits within trying to find a major and such. So this really feels like my direction, I dream of becoming a creative director one day.

    So that’s what has me here reaching out to you, I’m trying to gain some perspective, unfortunately the junior college here doesn’t offer anything like what I’m looking for, and I’ve done some google searching but to no conclusive answers. What path left you where you are, designing such a great game? How can I one day direct games myself?

    Do you have any advice?

    Thank you for reading this, it really means a lot. And heres to hoping for an excellent launch, I myself will be fighting for the knights!


    – Tyler

    1. Hey Tyler. 🙂 Thanks for the kind words, and I’m glad the game has inspired you.

      The simplest answer to this question (which is one I am asked a lot 😉 is this: finish games. Make a game, fast as you can, and then get it out there in whatever form you can manage it. Run a D&D campaign with your friends. Build mods. Do *anything*–but finish it, publish it, and watch in horror as players rampage through your creations. There is no better path to becoming a game maker than making games.

      And there has been no better time to do so. The tools are (largely) free. The audience is hungry.

      The other answer is less actionable, but just as true. I got here because I have a broad interest in a whole lot of things. I was a huge geek growing up, and read voraciously. I watched every movie and TV show I could, and hiked and explored and just did as much as I could. I studied film and theater in college, because I thought I wanted to make movies. I became enamored with history, and dug deep into the development of civilization. I tried to write scripts, and stories, and books, and failed again and again. I studied psychology with a fascination and a hunger that I didn’t know I had. I became a programmer, because my dad taught me and because it paid the bills. I made mods for the games I liked, and I built dozens of worlds that never made it past my pads of paper.

      I did… a lot of things. And in the end, that meant that when it came to directing a team I had a large resource pool of experiences to draw on. I had learned all about human empathy, and I had learned how fallible I was (repeated failure will do that).

      So: do stuff. Be interested in life itself. There is no subject that is not useful to know for creating art. Find out what you are interested in, and better: get interested in stuff you didn’t know you could be.

      I hope that all makes sense. 🙂


  2. Jason,
    My name is Josh. I would just like to say that, in an industry that seems to be putting out yet more of the tired same, your baby is a light in the darkness.
    As soon as I saw it in a trailer, I was in love. As a lover of the Samurai AND various Teutonic orders, I fell in love instantly. I now main a Kensei, and fight alongside my brother (Peacekeeper), and our friends (Two Nobushis and a Lawbringer) excitedly every time. Unlike other games, when I get curbstomped, it inspires me to get better.

    I guess I just want to say that the love you put into this game shows, and it’s my favorite game since Fallout 3 (the game that introduced me to RPGS, also my favorite game of all time. Besides now, this one, anyway)
    So…Thank you for developing this. So much.

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