The Eternal Struggle, Reprise

Yeah, so if you read my last post, you know about my recent estimates on my collection of VTES cards. I believe I said something like “5000+”.

This weekend I finally completed my organizing spree, managing to stuff all my cards into three large boxes. Curious, then, as to what the actual total was, I measured how far 100 cards was, and then counted up 1 row… and then multiplied…

I rejected the number I came up with. I tried it again, with a 200 card measurement.

Yeah. I have 12,000+ cards.

I can’t say anything more about that without throwing up. Here is something to distract you from this topic.

If you viewed that page, and have survived, I applaud you. You are made of stern stuff, and should consider a career in the military.

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5 thoughts on “The Eternal Struggle, Reprise”

  1. If you’re like me, you’re kind of proud of that 12,000 number.
    You recognize it’s scary-big and probably speaks of some kind of mental imbalance.
    But, darn it, it’s still pretty frigging awesome.
    “Yeah! 12,000 cards! I am King!
    I am GOD!”
    I get the same way about my various collections.
    I figure I should feel guilty about them, but deep down, I’d be happy to double their size and just revel in the brain-staggering coolness of it all.
    It’s like when I was ten and achieved military superiority on my block by trading all my Matchbox cars and dinosaur toys for army men. I was like the U.S. and the Soviet Union rolled into one and my friends were like the Vatican Swiss Guard.

  2. I love your logic here!

    1) make estimate of how big 100 cards is
    2) multiply estimate by how many times that size goes into the collection
    3)tabulate results

    then the kicker:
    4) result is astronomical; conclusion: the math must be wrong

    5) try again with larger sample

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