2 thoughts on “So, Can Someone Explain To Me…”

  1. The government doesn’t care about Lake New Orleans. It went from the “Big Easy” to the “Big Drown or Climb on a Roof.” The government doesn’t care because aliens are about to take over anyway. They’re real…dont laugh or theyll show you no mercy. All hail martians bitch.

  2. Well, you see…

    We have a Republican administration now, and one of the fundamental planks of the Republican platform is “smaller government, people take care of themselves, etc”. Since Louisiana voted overwhelmingly for Bush in the last election (57%), it seems pretty clear that they really want to be left alone to handle their own problems. Have fun with those looters, guys!

    Oh, and maybe the whole “not an election year” thing has something to do with it, too – contrast this with the immediate aid that flooded in to Florida during the 2004 hurricane season.

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