9 thoughts on “Ringing In My Head”

  1. I’m guessing the DL got into the Burning Crusade beta, and will be totally unavailable for 10 levels.

    Or he’s been kidnapped by aliens.

    Both seem very plausible.

  2. We are gathered here today to remember a blogger. One of the great bloggers of our time… Mr. Darklord.

    Mr. Darklord was not kind, nor was he fair, nor was he honest, but he was, without a doubt, damn funny.

    I would like us all to bow our heads and remember Darklord the Blogger at this dawning of a new year.

    In our hearts, each of us, must be wondering if we will have to wait until Jan ’08 before he posts his next, um, post.


  3. Ohhh white, ouch!

    I would probably just develop my abilities to bend time and space to my will for my own self serving purposes. Or beat Guitar Hero on Expert – whichever. The former sounds much harder.

  4. Darn…I was going to pick “fly”
    Now I’ll just have to go with “clean out the garage”

    Or…I suppose I could go with a non-smartass answer.

    but I’ll have to think about that one….

  5. Clearly, there is only one option… become so powerful I could strike down Jason and assume the domain of darklord.com!

    As goes the darklord domain, so goes the universe!

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