Quick! 60!

I don’t have much time, so I’ll try to be brief. See, the World of Warcraft login server is down, and that means that my primary impulse is momentarily unable to be satisfied. I may have to sign off at any moment.

Hang on, I need to check if it’s back on yet.

Nope. Okay.

How to describe it? I hit 60. Actually, I hit 60 over a week ago. And, much to my surprise…

Well, let’s just say that they may have done it to me again.

See, the game so completely fails to stop at level 60 that it makes one wonder why they even bothered to stop the levels there. I mean, the main difference seems to be that my XP bar has turned off. Other than that…

Actually, I exaggerate some. Let me offer this: the first few hours of gameplay after hitting 60 were like walking around in a newly purchased house. I walked from room to room, ecstatic at the accomplishment the mere existence of the place indicated, and, slowly, realizing that I had signed myself up for a whole new, uncharted realm of challenge and… work.

It took only two hours for the desire for experience points to disappear entirely, leaving behind it only the urge to claim treasures. This was well-televised before I got here, and thus was not particularly surprising, but it’s sometimes stranger to experience something that you’ve seen hundreds of other people experience before you, and to find that it’s something that you have to come to on your own terms.

Does that make sense? What I mean is, I had to decide to keep playing after 60. It feels like I poked around and found this other game they want me to play, on my own. But… well, so did everyone else, and clearly it was designed for this… but…

A tad quirky, that. Hang on.

Nope, still down. Okay.

I have several friends who have completely rejected the post-60 gameplay. And, I must say, I’m still on the fence about it.


Well, see, I found Scholomance. It’s this wizard school, right? Like, but it’s been corrupted? And it’s all full of undead, and dark warlocks, and stuff? And it’s designed for beginner level 60s to go poke around in and get used to this new, entirely equipment-based game that they’ve built? And… and…

I gotta go.

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