One thought on “MIGS Slides For You!”

  1. Thanks for sharing these slides! A few months ago I quickly read through your article in Game Developer Magazine, but attending the presentation definitely helped get a deeper understanding of the limitations and how better to use these models in design… I also really liked the formalization of the play-acting technique. Play-acting is definitely a very strong application of this model. That is, the model is a good way of helping you find types of games that you don’t personally like and therefore don’t naturally understand — These are the types that you need to focus on when play-acting.

    Do you think that the model would be a good tool for discovering new target audiences that have not yet been tapped? I don’t think you described this discovery process as being “What it’s good for”, but I see that as the strongest and most obvious application. In fact, we could probably make a multidimensional heat-map of common game types and uncommon game types…


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