Have you read the original comic masterpiece by Mr. Alan Moore? It’s… well, let me say this: it’s not for everyone. The art is a tad dated, and it’s very talky, but god damn it’s one hell of a story.

(Quick aside: if you haven’t read Alan Moore’s other works, do yourself a favor. For the love of all that is holy, at the very least read Watchmen.)

Sunday night (less than 14 hours ago, by my watch… which is actually my cell phone), my lovely wife and I went and saw the filmic adaptation of this comic book masterpiece.

Go. See. It.

Yes, you.

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4 thoughts on “V”

  1. So.

    Indeed, the movie was great. Absolutely powerful and moving, with great performances all around. Prompted me to go back home and pick up the comic and start re-reading it.

    Turns out, the comic still doesn’t thrill me. Go figure.

  2. It is with some distress I find I get absolutely no credit for prodding the dark lord into action on this movie. After repeated — repeated — refusal by this so-called fan to see the movie, I finally bullied him into going. And does he give me a nod for doing him a favor? No. Does he mention I might have had some influence? No. Sheesh.

    Okay, he may have mentioned he already intended to go see it, but I think I should get honorable mention for continuing to keep the pressure on him to check it out.

    Had I known the druid was not beating down the matinee doors to see said flick, I’d have been leaning on him. But it seems like it was not necessary.

    So… what shall we blow up first?

    (Can you see the FBI sirens going off? Mmmmm.)

  3. In point of fact, I did not forget first thing Sunday morning. First thing Sunday morning I was at Best Buy getting a 360. The forgetting happened when I proceded to play said 360 for the next 14 hours in a row. You around next weekend?

  4. Amusingly enough, I’m going to a matinee alone today, as I never could quite convince the wife to join me.

    V for Vendetta is not my favorite Moore work – I bought it because the Watchmen and Dark Knight blew me away, but I actually got bored and put it down for a couple of years before going back and making myself finish it.

    Not the most comic-y of comic books – it’ll be interesting to see what Los Hermanos Wachowski come up with.

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